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that time I painted that thing at the _c


I am an interdisciplinary artist from Vancouver, BC, Canada with a BFA in Theatre Performance from Simon Fraser University. I have worked as a performance artist in Toronto’s Summerwork’s Festival, Seattle’s On The Board’s Festival, Vancouver’s About Love Festival, and San Francisco’s FURY Factory Festival. The Vancouver based performances that I have engaged with which ignite me to create my own work include Books by Patrick Blenkarn, These Violent Delights by Cole Lewis, and I only smoke for one reason by Living Cardboard Projects

I am interested in how the world of performance and visual art can come together. In my theatre training, I was riveted by Viewpoints, mask, clown, and costume and stage design. 

In my visual art practice, I am interested in topography, vibration, and ways to replace text. I am interested in giving imagery to things where text does not do justice. 

I am currently based in Melbourne, Australia.